Better than a Bedpan

Practitioners everywhere know too well the challenge on-demand pelvic exams create for emergency department staff. PortaGyn® was designed by an emergency department PA to elevate the efficiency, convenience, and dignity of emergency gynecological care.

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Save Time

Quick to setup and easy to clean, standardize your team's pelvic exam protocol with the best device for the job.

Stay Mobile

Intentionally lightweight, our accessible design means any member of your team can deploy PortaGyn in any space pelvic exams happen.

Satisfy Patients

Designed for patient comfort and clinician access, PortaGyn gives your patients dignity during otherwise uncomfortable procedures.


What People Are Saying

In the clinics and in the E.R., time is always of the essence. We are always mindful of quicker response times which usually equal better press Haney patient satisfaction scores. The Porta-Gyn portable pelvic exam device would be a great time saver. This will be so much better than trying to use a bedpan or waiting for the one room which is equipped to do a pelvic exam.

Francis A. Vallor, PA-C, MPH

Fantastic idea and very handy in the E.R. I’m tired of placing patients on bedpans to perform pelvic exams. Now with the Porta-Gyn portable pelvic exam device, all the equipment I need will be available. Every E.R. needs it stat!

Anthony Alatriste, MD

I love that the Porta-Gyn portable pelvic exam device is so light and easy to carry. I can picture bringing this to a field hospital. This device would be perfect for providing care in remote locations.

Marlo Scott, PA-C, MPAS

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